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Cheese challenge : why do parents throw cheese slices at their babies?

Mar 062019

Many netizens perceive this new challenge as a humiliation for the little ones.

Parents from all over the world have launched a new and particular viral challenge: it is the so-called 'cheese challenge'. No, it's not about eating cheese until you can not eat more. It is about throwing slices of this dairy product to babies. The concrete objective is to make them stick to the faces of the little ones.


A cleaner finds $ 400,000 on a bus in London and delivers them to the Police

Mar 032019

The head of the cleaning services company praised the "dedication and good humor" of his employee.

A cleaning worker found 300,000 pounds sterling (about $ 396,204) on a bus in London (United Kingdom) and decided to deliver the sum to the Police, The Mirror reported Saturday. The cash was in a brown envelope that some distracted passenger forgot.