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British TV presenter goes on air without legs

Oct 172020

For the broadcast, the journalist chose an outfit that, although completely normal at first glance, in the end played a cruel joke on her.


A peculiar video of the presenter of the British news program Newsnight of the BBC, Emily Maitlis, went viral on social networks. In the clip, the journalist goes on the air ... without legs.

It turns out that for the broadcast, Maitlis chose a completely normal outfit at first glance, but in the end she played a cruel prank on her. The presenter wore a white dress and tight black stockings, but due to the dark lighting in the studio at the time, her legs just 'disappeared'.


Maitlis herself was later surprised by this optical illusion and joked that she was working from home, while a hologram of hers represented her in the studio. "Perfect for the quarantine", ironized the presenter.


British TV presenter goes on air without legs

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