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A tiktoker finds a housewife's diary from 1957

Mar 312021

The blogger found the notes in a thrift store.


A 'tiktoker' shared a series of videos in which she reviews the contents of a woman's diary from 1957. Studying the notes that were written over an entire year, the blogger assumed that they belonged to a housewife named Nellie.



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The find occurred in a second-hand store and represents a kind of daily record of a woman who described her chores, her leisure activities and emotions.



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"This is terribly lonely. It has been raining every day. We went to see people, no one was home, it was raining so we returned home," wrote the protagonist on September 15, 1957.

Meanwhile, on October 6 of the same year, the author noted: "We went horseback riding. We stopped in the woods and Vicki got quite a scare. She was rummaging through a fox hole and I acted like a fox. jump!".

After publishing the first video in mid-March, the stories shared by the 'tiktoker' went viral, and have accumulated millions of views, attracting the attention of many users. 

A tiktoker finds a housewife's diary from 1957

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