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Jim Acosta streams loss of WH pass, Twitter offers fitting soundtrack (WATCH WITH AUDIO)

Nov 082018

Jim Acosta’s Wednesday went from bad to worse after the CNN correspondent fought with US President Donald Trump in front of the world's media, was accused of assaulting an intern, and then lost access to the White House.

As if to add insult to injury, security had some trouble extricating Acosta’s White House pass from his lanyard as he waited awkwardly before them, camera in hand.

One viewer of his video showed their empathy for Acosta’s very bad day at the office by adding a fittingly melancholic violin melody to the footage.




Standing out in the cold, night air and with a distinct air of pathos, Acosta filmed the cringeworthy encounter with a Secret Service agent. In a possible appeal for clemency, or perhaps just passing the time now that he can’t enter the building, the journalist explains that he’s reported from the White House for five years as the agent struggles with his lanyard.