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The Tokyo Stock Exchange falls more than 5% after the worst December on Wall Street

Dec 252018

The fall of the Nikkei index came hours after the Dow Jones plummeted on Monday more than 650 points.The Tokyo Stock Exchange's shares have fallen by 5.1% on Tuesday, extending its downward trend, just a few hours after the Dow Jones plummeted more than 650 points on Monday.


In the last five sessions, the Nikkei index, which includes the 225 most liquid stocks in this Asian country, has retreated 1,018.74 points, standing at 19,147.45 points at the end of the morning session.

Experts believe that the precipitous drop on Monday by the US stock index, which was the worst December on Wall Street since the Great Depression, was caused by the growing concern of investors about the recent increase in the Reserve's benchmark rate. US Federal (Fed), the slowdown in the global economy, along with the trade war between Washington and Beijing.

In turn, the harsh condemnation expressed by President Donald Trump toward the central bank of the US on Christmas Eve added more nervousness to the stock market. "The only problem that our economy has is the Federal Reserve," the president wrote on his Twitter account.