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A man bites a crocodile to rescue his son from the jaws of the animal

Jan 292019

The reptile had attacked the minor in a surprising way and began dragging it underwater in a river in the Philippines.


A man was confronted last Friday by a crocodile trying to drag his 12-year-old son under water in Balábac, the Philippine province of Palawan, punched and biting him repeatedly until he released the child and escaped, reports Manila Bulletin.

The attack happened while Diego, the victim, bathed with his younger brother in a river. The animal emerged suddenly, bit the young man in the left arm and began to take him to the water.

When Diego struggled and tried to free himself, his younger brother ran to their home - which is located a short distance away - and alerted his parents.

Immediately, Tejada Abdulhasan -the father- approached the place and without hesitation he struck the crocodile on the head with his fists. However, seeing that the reptile did not release his son's arm, the man began to bite him repeatedly on the soft part of one of his legs, causing bleeding wounds.

Finally, the animal released Diego and disappeared underwater. The minor was taken to a hospital the next day to treat the wounds, although his state of health is not required.


A man bites a crocodile to rescue his son from the jaws of the animal

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