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Dozens of drones fly over Colorado and Nebraska and nobody knows why

Jan 032020

Unmanned devices were observed in rural areas of both states.


The inhabitants of rural areas of northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska (USA) are alarmed by the presence of about 30 drones that appear in the evenings and evenings. The authorities have not yet found an answer.

With blinking lights, unmanned devices usually become visible between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. "I think it's a kind of joke, but you have to remember where we live in the country. People here don't like their privacy invaded," said James Brueggeman, sheriff of Perkins County (Nebraska).

Although at the moment there is no explanation for his presence, Captain Michael Yowell of Lincoln (Colorado) commented that "many people are reasonable and say that it could be someone who is mapping or surveying."

Other inhabitants of the overfly areas thought of different options. "They are tall enough for you to shoot them," said Dawn George, who lives in Wray (Colorado), before adding that they are "low enough to be a nuisance." "Suddenly, it will stop and we will not have answers. That is very disturbing for many people. It is the fear of the unknown," he concluded.

While a resident of Washington, in the same state, Wyatt Harman, tried to chase the drones to see if they descended, but explained that after driving about 25 kilometers at more than 110 kilometers per hour he had to give up. "It's more disturbing than anything," said his girlfriend, Chelsea Arnold.

The investigation

To try to elucidate the mystery, Yowell explained that local officials began to analyze the route they take to try to determine where they are leaving and where they are going. "We hope that we can contact someone," he said.

For his part, Todd Combs, sheriff of Yuma (Colorado), said that there are "many theories about what is happening, but at this point, it is all they are," while adding: "I think we all feel a bit vulnerable due to the intrusion to privacy that we enjoy in our rural community, but I don't have a solution. "

Faced with this situation, Ian Gregor, spokesman for the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), announced that "multiple divisions of the FAA and government agencies are investigating the reports."

Dozens of drones fly over Colorado and Nebraska and nobody knows why

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