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They find an owl so obese that it is unable to fly

Feb 012020

Being obesity so rare in wild birds, specialists thought that he had escaped from a birdhouse, but after observing his behavior they found no signs of a life in captivity.


A few weeks ago, a passerby found a drenched owl in a ditch in England that was unable to fly. The animal was transferred to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, in the east of the country, where they determined that it was a European owl, a species classified by ornithologists as Athene noctua.

The bird, a female, weighed 245 grams, that is, a third more than an adult and healthy owl, and what prevented it from flying normally was no injury, but the large amount of fat accumulated in its body.

This great excess of weight, so unusual in wild owls, made the specialists think that it could be a pet that had escaped from an aviary. However, they did not find in the animal any identification chip or in its behavior signs that it had had a life in captivity.

Thus, after weeks of observation, they found that the owl was not familiar with the yellow chicks that are usually used to feed these raptors confined in birdhouses.

"He quickly took the types of wild foods, such as dark mice, so we are sure that this may be an unusual case of natural obesity," the sanctuary explained on his Facebook page.

In this way, everything pointed to the state of the animal was due to an abundance of food found in its natural environment. A subsequent investigation found that the area where he was rescued was plagued by field mice as a result of a hot and humid December.

The owl was finally released, but not before being subjected to a strict week-long diet until it reached a healthy weight level.

They find an owl so obese that it is unable to fly

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