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When is the expected GTA VI expected to go on sale?

May 222020

Some rumors claim that the new installment of the famous video game could hit the market in 2022 or even later.


Video game fans around the world are looking forward to the next installment of Grand Theft Auto - developed by Rockstar Games - after waiting 7 years since the departure of GTA V. However, it seems that they will have to be patient, as the latest rumors about the release of GTA VI seem to indicate that it will not be released in the short term.

As reported by Screen Rant, Take-Two Interactive Software, parent company of Rockstar Games, recently released its quarterly 2020 earnings report, which seems to imply that Grand Theft Auto VI could "come sometime during fiscal year 2022. "

According to the report, the next video games that the company will launch on the market will be part of the "strongest development channel" it has ever had, but most of them will not come out this year. Take-Two Interactive Software noted that its catalog will encompass both new titles and "sequels to our largest franchises."

Likewise, the company highlighted that 2021 will be a "light year of novelties", but it has "a series of titles that will begin launching in fiscal year 2022" that they hope "will drive sequential growth that year." And, although it does not directly mention GTA VI, the mythical video game could probably be part of this list.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, a user of the Reddit platform shared information that dated the initial release of GTA VI between late 2021 and early 2022, indicating that the coronavirus pandemic altered the company's plans.

"Before covid-19, the target date for GTA VI was from October 2021 to February 2022," the publication notes, adding that "it is unclear to what extent things are being delayed due to covid-19."

Development phases

Another information that could be linked to the date of its launch is its stage of development. So, a month ago, a popular Rockstar Games information leaker, Reddit user Tezfun2, stated that the game was already halfway there, as it was 60-70% complete. At the same time, on Twitter, the rumor began to circulate that the development of the game was in its early stages, while some Internet users even speculated that the game would not reach the market before 2025.

"GTA VI is reportedly in early development, we look forward to it in 2025," wrote one user on Twitter.

In response, another popular Rockstar Games filter, Yan2295, totally denied the possibility that GTA VI is in its infancy: "It just isn't possible. Unless they have a very strange definition of 'early stages'. Maybe the early stages of testing, sure, but not development. "

In turn, another video game expert and Bloomberg journalist, Jason Schreier, believes that GTA VI lovers will still take years to enjoy it.

"It is not what fans want to hear, but that game is years away," he said on social networks.

When is the expected GTA VI expected to go on sale?

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