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Tesla cameras capture a flying truck and a possible meteorite

Jan 052021

A series of TeslaCam recordings were compiled into a clip showing unusual road incidents.


The TeslaCam built into electric vehicles made by Elon Musk's company are an important resource to aid in accident investigation, but sometimes they also manage to capture curious and entertaining moments.

In one of the latest posts on the YouTube channel Wham Baam TeslaCam, a compilation of videos recorded on the roads by those vehicles is shown, including the moment in which a van flies off after its driver loses control.

In images captured in the state of North Carolina (USA), it is possible to see, in effect, how a Ford truck leaves the road and falls into a ditch on the side of the road. Unfortunately for him, the driver could not regain control and the front tires ran over a small dirt mountain that served as a ramp, raising the vehicle about six feet above the ground.


The Tesla user who captured the scene later said that no one was injured, and that he believes the driver was distracted with his cell phone when the incident occurred.

Although the 'flying' vehicle is surely the main attraction of this compilation, the rest of the lengthy video is worth watching, showing incidents such as deer leaping over cars and, at 10:30, what appears to be a meteor. hitting the windshield of a Tesla. 

Tesla cameras capture a flying truck and a possible meteorite

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