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A man finds his father who died seven years ago on Google Earth

Jan 082021

His story has inspired other users to search satellite images for places and scenes that have sentimental value to them.


A Japanese netizen found images of his father, who died seven years ago, on Google Earth. Bored and with nothing to do during the pandemic, @TeacherUfo, a Twitter user, decided one day to search for the house of his parents on the satellite maps of that platform.

"I saw my father, who passed away seven years ago," the man wrote when posting the photos he got there on his account.

Zooming in on an image, he said, he also saw his mother coming home. Seeing that scene made him reflect on how a satellite managed to capture a particular moment in the relationship between her parents.


"My father must have been waiting for my mother to come home. My father was a calm and kind man. I hope Google Earth does not update the photo of that place," wrote the netizen.

Since then, more than 685,000 people have 'liked' the poignant post. The tweet has inspired other Twitter users to search Google Earth for places that have sentimental value to them.

Among many others, one user warned that those old images can disappear if they get too old. So, he said, photos of his house from more than eight years ago are no longer available.


A man finds his father who died seven years ago on Google Earth

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