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A dog surprises tourists in India

Jan 132021

The images of the unusual fight between the two animals were recorded in the Gir Forest National Park.


A stray dog surprised a group of tourists visiting the Gir Forest National Park, in the Indian state of Gujarat, last Saturday when they found themselves involved, and emerged victorious, from a fight with a lioness.

In the video, which has been massively shared on the Internet, you can see the intrepid dog being trapped by the lioness, which is chasing him; however, with one agile movement, the dog was able to escape from her clutches and confront her.


After a short pause, the dog returns to confront its adversary and dodges a blow, which could cause great damage, to continue barking and intimidating the lioness, who no longer responded.

For his part, Parveen Kaswan, an officer of the Indian Forest Service, highlighted that events of this nature highlight the problem of the interaction of stray dogs with wildlife, which is not only limited to violent encounters, but also runs the risk of the spread of diseases and pathogens.


A dog surprises tourists in India

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