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World's fastest car window lift

Jan 022022

can cut sausages and vegetables like Fruit Ninja


The team of Russian mechanics from the YouTube channel Garazh 24 applied their invention to an old Zhiguli car.

A team of mechanics from the Russian city of Novosibirsk has created the "world's fastest" car window lift in a modification of an old Zhiguli series car, manufactured between 1970 and 2014 by the AvtoVAZ brand.


In a video posted on their YouTube channel Garazh 54, Siberian mechanics show how the glass, which goes up and down at a speed of about 200 km / h, cuts a sausage and a cabbage in the style of the video game 'Fruit Ninja'. The specialists detailed that they achieved this by installing pneumatic cylinders and motors driven by compressed air.


World's fastest car window lift

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