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Fisherman finds strange two-headed baby shark

Fisherman finds strange two-headed baby shark

Oct 152020

Scientists point out that the bicephaly suffered by the little 15-centimeter fish is a "rare" event in nature.


A man fishing off the coast of the Indian state of Maharashtra accidentally caught a strange two-headed baby shark, the discovery of which has puzzled scientists, reports the Hindustan Times.

The fisherman Nitin Patil, from the town of Palghar, took out of the sea a small shark about 15 centimeters long last Friday, with the peculiarity that it had two heads. The man photographed the animal before returning it to the water.

"We don't eat such small fish, much less sharks, so I thought it was weird, but decided to throw it out anyway," Patil commented.


He and his fishing colleagues, who were also surprised by the discovery, decided to share the images with researchers and marine biologists in Bombay. The scientists confirmed that it was a "rare" event, and that it could be the first time that a two-headed specimen has been found on these shores.

Specialist Akhilesh KV noted that the small animal could be a spadenose shark or a sharp-nosed shark that suffered from bicephaly.

"This phenomenon occurs in several animal species, including sharks, possibly due to mutations or any other embryonic malformations, disorders, and these are very rare reports. Similar cases are reported elsewhere in the northern Indian Ocean. These materials should be preserved for scientific interest, "he explained.


Fisherman finds strange two-headed baby shark

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