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A neighbor causes a landslide and leaves a family homeless

A neighbor causes a landslide and leaves a family homeless

Nov 102020

The man began building a lot on steep terrain and undermined an indispensable structure to contain the soil.


A family from Redruth, in Cornwall, UK, was left homeless after a neighbor damaged a retaining wall, causing a dangerous landslide, local media report.

Reba Chipman-Guest and her husband Fergus lived on the steep terrain with their two sons, a daughter and her partner, as well as a dog and two cats.

The incident happened in July of this year, when the adjacent lot was bought by a new owner, who began to build a building there. The works undermined a retaining wall that, given the particularity of the terrain, was necessary to contain the soil.


As a result, half of the Chipman-Guest garden collapsed, leaving the house in danger of collapse. The family was forced to temporarily move to an emergency accommodation in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, after a new topographical inspection, they were allowed to return to their home, although part of it to this day is still considered unsafe. For this reason, the six members of the family, along with their pets, only have two bedrooms, a space that is extremely tight, especially during confinement.


According to Reba's estimates, the retaining wall repair could cost up to £ 80,000 ($ 106,000) and he insists the new neighbor must bear that sum.

He also said that the situation has already caused them losses of 7,500 pounds sterling (just under 10,000 dollars), in addition to countless consultations with lawyers in search of a solution.

However, he assures that so far they have not received a penny from the owner of the neighboring lot.

A neighbor causes a landslide and leaves a family homeless


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