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Octopus with an extra limb in Japan

Octopus with an extra limb in Japan

Dec 032020

The fisherman who made the catch only became aware of the phenomenon while boiling that mollusk.


A fisherman discovered an octopus with nine tentacles in a bay in Miyagi prefecture (Japan), local media report.

That mollusk measured about 15 centimeters and its excess arm was born in the middle of one of its eight limbs.

The male who carried out the capture noticed this phenomenon while boiling the cephalopod and notified the authorities.


Now the animal is on display preserved in alcohol at the Minamisanriku Nature Center and one of its researchers, Takuzo Abe, hopes it will help "people learn about the many mysteries of the ocean."



This specialist attributes the phenomenon to the ability of octopuses to regenerate their tentacles and estimates that this ninth limb probably grew in the place where it closed a wound. 

Octopus with an extra limb in Japan

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