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A youtuber spends 24 hours in Airbnb's smallest house

A youtuber spends 24 hours in Airbnb's smallest house

Jan 122021

Despite its size of about 2.3 square meters, the accommodation has windows, running water, a bathroom and even a small stove.


What is it like to live in a house the size of a closet? Blogger Ryan Trahan wanted to live the experience and rented the smallest Airbnb home for 24 hours, which is only about 2.3 square meters. He then shared his impressions of him in a video on YouTube, which has accumulated almost half a million views in 10 days.

The house on wheels, designed by sculptor Jeff Smith, is located near Harvard University (Boston, USA), and despite its size it has almost all the comforts that a house usually has: windows, running water, a small stove and even a rudimentary toilet.


At the beginning of his stay, Ryan started by ordering a pizza delivery and even invited a couple of friends to share it. Initially it all seemed like fun, but then he received a less pleasant visit: the strange green building caught the attention of a policeman who said it could not be located where he was. So the young man asked Jeff Smith and two unknown girls for help, who moved the house and placed it closer to the university.

However, Ryan's misfortunes did not end there and during the night a stranger tried to open the door. Later, Ryan himself almost started a fire while he was making popcorn.

Despite all the misadventures, the 'youtuber' completed his challenge with a cup of coffee prepared by himself, and defined his experience as "super fun".


A youtuber spends 24 hours in Airbnb's smallest house

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