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A cosmonaut records the orange halo of the Earth

A cosmonaut records the orange halo of the Earth

Jan 162021

The spectacular images, which concentrate a seven-minute journey from the International Space Station, allow us to enjoy the glow of our planet and other celestial phenomena.


The Russian cosmonaut Sergei Kud-Sverchkov has published a beautiful 15-second video that concentrates seven minutes of flight of the International Space Station. The images show the glow of the Earth, the northern lights and the sunrise as seen from the station.

"We will fly over the Pacific Ocean, cities in the United States and Canada, and then we will see the sunrise over the North Atlantic", the author describes the route that his followers undertake together with him.


The orange halo on Earth that is seen in the images is the planet's own glow, which is practically imperceptible from its surface, says the cosmonaut. This phenomenon is the result of processes in the upper atmosphere. The specific green light is the oval of the Northern Lights and is seen as the space station approaches polar latitudes.

In the last seconds of the video a bright blue stripe appears, which is sunrise. In addition, several flying objects can be observed.

"Most likely these are satellites that have become visible due to the reflection of sunlight. Although ufologists, I am sure, will immediately find another explanation for this," said Kud-Sverchkóv, ending his comment with a smiley. smiling.


A cosmonaut records the orange halo of the Earth

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