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A man buys a whole house full of antiques for $ 10,000 and plans to make $ 400,000

A man buys a whole house full of antiques for $ 10,000 and plans to make $ 400,000

Feb 052021

Alex Archbold found many valuable objects on a property that previously belonged to a woman who had been collecting them for years.


Alex Archbold, an antique hunter and owner of a specialty store in Edmonton, the capital of the province of Alberta (Canada), acquired an entire house full of valuables worth $ 10,000 last December, which he negotiated with the heir to its previous owner, Bette-Joan Rac's, a piano teacher, reports CBC.

The man first contacted the deceased two years ago, when he bought her an old Cadillac. At that time she did not enter her house, as she was disorderly, Archbold recalls on his Facebook account.

Upon taking over the building, the antique hunter posted several videos on his YouTube channel in which he explored the entire range of objects that Rac's house contained. Some rooms were filled to the ceiling with dumpsters or garbage, in others Archbold found wallets with money, gold and diamond rings, as well as designer clothes, furniture pieces and even a silver ingot hidden under a mattress.


Monetization for the sake of making a dream come true

The blogger opted to capitalize on the treasures found and announced a series of auctions as his explorations attracted the attention of many investors around the world.

"We've had people bid from Germany, Australia, Italy at our auctions ... You name whatever country it is and the people there are interested in this story and in having a piece of this story," Archbold emphasizes.

So far, the 'youtuber' has organized two auctions and plans to carry out another one. It is estimated that the entire contents of the house could be worth about $ 400,000. Archbold wants to direct his earnings to make his dream of opening a café come true and putting in a grand piano, one of the most valuable treasures of Rac's legacy, so that any customer can play the instrument.

"His piano, which we have kept here in the store, is going to live in that cafe, where his students or those who are musicians can come and play," Archbold stressed. 

A man buys a whole house full of antiques for $ 10,000 and plans to make $ 400,000

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