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A swarm of 15,000 bees seizes a car

A swarm of 15,000 bees seizes a car

Apr 022021

The motorist noticed the presence of the swarm when he returned from the shop. A firefighter, who is engaged in beekeeping in his spare time, managed to remove the insects.


Firefighters in the city of Las Cruces, in the state of New Mexico (USA), answered an unusual call on March 28 to remove approximately 15,000 bees from a car parked near a grocery store. The story was shared on Facebook by the institution that attended the incident.


The vehicle owner became aware of the swarm in the back seat only when he started driving, after returning from the store and placing the food inside the car.

Given the special nature of the situation, first responders chose to turn to Jesse Johnson, an off-duty firefighter who is a beekeeper in his spare time. The professional arrived at the site with all the necessary equipment: a hive kit, lemongrass oil, as well as gloves and the corresponding clothing. In this way, the expert managed to remove the bees from the car and transferred them to his property where they found his new home. In total, the entire 'operation' lasted around two hours.

"Luckily, when bees swarm, they are quite tame. They have no home to protect for a moment. It is much more intimidating than dangerous," he quotes the words of beekeeper The New York Times.

Likewise, the incident did not result in serious injuries, although one of the store's security guards was bitten by insects.


A swarm of 15,000 bees seizes a car

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