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A woman mistakes an instant glue for moisturizing drops

A woman mistakes an instant glue for moisturizing drops

Apr 242021

The woman kept both products in her purse and confused them after falling asleep with her contact lenses on.


A neighbor of the municipality of Redford (Michigan, USA) almost lost her vision after mistakenly applying an instant glue to one eye when mistaking it for an ophthalmic lubricant, local media report.

The incident occurred last week after Yacedrah Williams fell asleep with her contact lenses on.

After waking up around 1 in the morning, the woman felt dry eyes and took from her purse a bottle similar in appearance to her eye drops, without noticing that it was a nail glue that she kept in the same accessory.

The substance took effect immediately, causing Williams's eyelids to stick together. The woman washed her eye with cold water and urged her husband to call emergency services.

She was taken to the hospital, where the doctors managed to remove the glue and explained that she might have lost her vision had it not been for the contact lens.

"They kept telling me that I was probably going to lose my eyelashes, just like it happened, since they had to pull them to turn the top of my eyelid," the woman recalled. And she promised that she will never put nail glue and lube in her purse at the same time.

Ophthalmologist George Williams commented on this incident, explaining that the woman did the right thing by splashing her eye.

"If you ever get something in your eye, the right thing to do is try to rinse your eye. Hold your head under the tap, grab a bottle of water, keep your eye open and just fill it with water. It will do. a mess [splashing], but it can save sight, "said the doctor.

And he advised those who aren't sure what type of product they're about to use to read the label out loud so they can avoid making a mistake by not paying attention.

A woman mistakes an instant glue for moisturizing drops

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