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Try to show off your sports car

Try to show off your sports car

May 122021

The ostentatious Dodge Challenger crashed into an unsuspecting truck and caused it to roll over. but something goes wrong



An attempt by a sports car fan to demonstrate his driving skills during a car show in Colorado, USA, ended in a spectacular accident a few seconds after he hit the gas.

The incident, which has gone viral on social networks, took place on April 11 in the city of Loveland when the automobile event was about to end and a driver aboard an ostentatious black Dodge Challenger wanted to show off to the spectators.

The footage, shot by Sam Budzynski, shows the sports car turning a corner and accelerating straight, but as soon as it had gone half a block, it seemed to lose control and hit the side of an unsuspecting white truck.



The crash caused the truck to overturn as the crowd watched the scene in amazement.



Try to show off your sports car

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