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Denmark has the largest sand castle in the world

Denmark has the largest sand castle in the world

Jul 092021

With a height of 21.16 meters and almost five tons of sand, the sculpture surpassed by 3.5 meters the previous Guinness record, set in 2019 in Germany.


A 21.16 m high sand castle built in northwestern Denmark has taken the Guinness World Record by 3.5 m above the 17.66 m mark set in Germany in 2019.

Its creator, the multifaceted Dutch artist Wilfred Stijger, who was assisted by some thirty of the best sand sculptors in the world, commented that he wanted to represent the power of the coronavirus in the world since the beginning of the pandemic. The top of the castle is crowned by a representation of the virus that crushes people who try to reach it.

The coronavirus "rules our world, tells us what to do and prevents us from being with our family and friends," Stijger said when presenting his work.


The sculpture, for which almost 5,000 tons of sand were used, was built in the shape of a pyramid so that it does not collapse, a method widely used by experts in these fragile constructions.

To achieve greater adhesion, the sand contains 10% clay and a layer of glue was applied after the work was completed, in order to resist during the winter and the strong winds that blow in the region.

Residents of Blokhus were delighted to see local elements incorporated into the sandcastle, such as beach houses and lighthouses, and performances of popular activities in the area, such as 'windsurfing' and 'kitesurfing'. The castle is expected to remain standing probably until next February or March.

According to the RTE media, the Guinness record was measured by an authorized representative and signed by a witness and will appear in the next edition of the book. 

Denmark has the largest sand castle in the world

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