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A buyer is locked in a supermarket at the end of the sales hours

A buyer is locked in a supermarket at the end of the sales hours

Aug 122021

After running around the store for help and attempting to use the emergency exits, the man finally found an employee who escorted him on his "walk of shame" to the front door, where he was able to exit.


In the city of Brisbane, Australia, a clueless customer was surprised to find himself completely in the dark while looking for certain products in a self-service store, until he discovered that he had been left alone and locked in the establishment.

According to Dan Davis through his TikTok account, it all happened on the afternoon of this Sunday, around 6:00 p.m., when due to distraction, he did not hear the notices of the employees about the closing time of the supermarket and, suddenly, all the lights went out while she did her shopping. As he sought help, he realized that there was no one else inside the store and that the doors had already been closed.



I got locked in a store today 🙈 #lockdown #kmart #meme #fyp

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"I can't believe this has happened […] I was quietly looking for some things in the store, and out of nowhere, boom, the lights go off and I find myself in that situation thinking: what is happening? to run through the store, I start to shout: Hello? Is anyone here? I'm alone, "said Davis in the video in which he recounted what happened.



Locked in a store - part 2 🙈🙈🙈

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After finally finding a security guard, the 'tiktoker' tried to leave through the emergency doors of the premises, where he ran into a supermarket employee, who escorted him during his "walk of shame" to the main entrance to allow him the Exit.

"[Being locked in a supermarket] was not as fun as I thought it would be. I was definitely a little worried for the first 10 minutes. If I had to stay all night, at least I would have things to do," said the buyer, taking with humor what happened.


A buyer is locked in a supermarket at the end of the sales hours

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